Standing Order

Standing Order

§ 1 Addresses

§ 1.1 Unless otherwise arranged, all correspondence will be sent to the address of the President.

§ 1.2 Members are obliged to forward the address and immediately notify the EPBF of any changes.

§ 2 Federation information

The members are obligated to promptly supply the EPBF with following information and documents:

– Composition of the executive board and each change

– Sports calendar for each year

– Results of the national championships

– Member notification

§ 3 Forms, dates

§ 3.1 The official documents of the EPBF must be used when required.

§ 3.2 All deadlines/dates set by the EPBF must be obeyed, failure to do so may result in a fine of up to 150 €

§ 4 Meetings

§ 4.1 The Meeting of the delegates will be called according to the Statutes of the EPBF.

§ 4.2 Board meetings will be determined by the board, otherwise the President or his/her   deputy can set dates and places.

§ 4.3 The President or his appointed deputy will chair the meeting.

§ 4.4 The chair person has the right to allow visitors/guests into the meeting. The chair person is responsible for the control and maintaining of order at the meetings. They are responsible for the order in which items are dealt with and has the full power of the house.

§ 4.5 Urgent requests are only accepted if they are received in due time and in writing before the agenda is accepted. The Chair person is responsible for the placement of such items on the agenda.

§ 4.6 The right to speak at meetings can only be given by the chair person of the meeting.

§ 4.6.1 Applicants always have the right to be heard at meetings.

§ 4.6.2 The chair person is allowed to respond to all issues and can also pass this to another board member.

§ 4.6.3 The time to speak can be limited by decision of the chair person.

§ 4.6.4 A speaker, who does not speak about the subject or who continuously distances from the consultation can be deprived of the right to speak by the chair person of the meeting after a previous warning.

§ 4.6.5 Items already discussed on the agenda are not permitted for re-discussion unless directed to do so by the delegates.

§ 4.6.6 Upon a request to terminate a discussion, the Chair person has the sole right to grant or not grant the request.

§ 4.7 The order of the agenda will be followed and change of order is only permitted if directed to do so by the delegates.

§ 4.8 The Chair person has to bring requests, which concern the same matter to a ballot, in a way that the most extensive request will be decided on first. In case of doubt, the Chair person will determine the order of importance.

§ 4.9 Voting takes place via a show of hands. However, the chair person of the meeting can request a secret vote. He must also do this, if it is decided by the delegates with a simple majority.

§ 4.10 Requests that are amended with different wording which does not change the original request, does not need further acceptance by the