Financial Order

Financial Order

§ 1 Budget

§ 1.1 The budget is made by the board for a two year period and submitted to the general assembly for approval. The individual budgetary provisions are mutually coverable.

§ 1.2 f during a financial year, the budget approved by the general assembley is exceeded, then the board must decide for a supplementary budget.

§ 1.3 Should the supplementary budget exceed the original budget approved by the general assembly by more than 20 %, the supplementary budget then requires the approval of the general assembly.

§ 2  Payments & Transactions

All payments to the EPBF must go through the account of the EPBF. Any cash payments received should be logged with the treasurer who in turn transfers the monies to the EPBF account. Payments from the account normally occur with the joint authorization between the Treasurer & President but either are allowed to act alone if the other is unavailable.

§ 3  Responsibilities of the treasurer

§ 3.1 To the board the treasurer is responsible for the handling of all financial affairs.

§ 3.2 The treasurer prepares the budget, supervises its compliance and is also controlling the payment procedures.

§ 3.3 Within two weeks after the end of each quarter, the treasurer has to submit an overview of all incomes and expenditures to the president.

§ 4 Expenses

The authorisation of expenditures in the context of the budget is basicly reserved for the board. Expenditures, which in individual cases do not go beyond the amount of 1.000,00 €, may be approved by the treasurer or the president. Expenditures, which go beyond this amount may only be approved by the president and treasurer together.

§ 5 Auditor

§ 5.1 On time and before each general assembly, the internal auditor and the external auditor will check the accounts of the EPBF and the bookkeeping in a detailed examination and provide an examination report with their findings.

§ 5.2 Availability of the books and receipts are to be granted to the auditors at any time upon request.

§ 6 Contributions

§ 6.1 The members are obligated to annualy announce the number of their members. To determine the membership fee, only the number of individual members who play pool Billiard will count.

Members are required to submit their membership numbers on time. If a member fails to report their membership then a 10% increase in their previous membership amount will be used which will then determine the membership fee to be paid.

§ 6.2 The height of the annuity for regular members is determined by the general assembly.

§ 6.3 The height of the annuity for provisional regular members amounts to: 25 % of the membership fee for provisional regular members – in the first year of the membership.

50 % of the membership fee for provisional regular members – in the second year of the membership 75 % of the membership fee for provisional regular members – in the third year of the membership.

§ 6.4 The height of the annuity for extraordinary members will be determined by the board from case to case.

§ 6.5 Membership fee deferments can be approved by the treasurer.

§ 7  Late payment fine

If financial obligations are not fulfilled in due time, an extra charge for late payment at a value of 10 % of the pending amount is to be paid with each reminder.

§ 8 Final clause

On all financial and cash queiries, which are not seperately mentioned in the above financial order, the board will decide.