Referee Regulations

Referee Regulations

§ 1 Regulations for the referees
Regulations for referees have complied the decision by the EPBF Board and published by the Referee Director. These regulations are valid for all tournaments organized or sanctioned by the EPBF.

§ 1.1 The Referee Director
The Referee Director appointed by the EPBF board and is responsible for the creation and leadership of a squad of referees, as well as the education and deployment of referees for various events and championships. The Referee Director tasks is also to establish contacts within the members of the EPBF, who will be responsible for dealing with referee’s in their own country. This will enable the correct people to be addressed along with the already existing list. If and when the Referee Director appoints a substitute, the substitute can be entrusted with the execution of various tasks at the request of the Referee Director.

§ 1.2 Criteria to enter in the referee Team
Only the top referees should be asked to participate in the EPBF referee team, with a preference of having referees from different countries. The basis of the team should form from maximum of fifty (50) referees, chosen from the best results on the EPBF Referee courses based from Basic Referee exam made by the EPBF Official.

When the WPA changes the Rules of play, all of the referees in the Team must re-validate their license no later than 6 months after the new set of Rules takes place.

§ 1.3 EPBF License
A referee must be registered with the EPBF through the National Federation. The period of the license given by the EPBF is two (2) sports seasons (Referee Season). Referees, who have acquired certain amount of points (See §4.) during Referee Season, are automatically kept in the team.

A referee who has not had a chance to collect the required points has a right to re-validate his license by taking the Basic Referee exam in the following Sports Season. If the Basic Referee Exam was done accordingly, the referee will stay in the same level. Referees who have not executed the exam in this time will automatically lose their license.

National Federations may re-examine licensed referees administered by them as determined by the EPBF. The EPBF must be notified of the names of referees who do not meet the standard determined by the National Federation.

Where considered not to be fit and proper to act as a referee the license may be removed or suspended by the EPBF or National Federation. Such a decision is subject to respective federation National Federations are to notify the EPBF of any action in this respect.

§ 2 Recruitment, Basic Referee Course and Basic Referee Exam
The EPBF and National Federations along with the EPBF Referee Director shall be responsible to advise successful candidates for EPBF Referee Course.

The requirements and standards for the Basic Referee Course shall be set annually by the EPBF Referee Director and EPBF Referee Instructor, approved by the EPBF Board.

All candidates shall be examined as to their suitability to be a referee by Basic Referee exam at the end of a Basic Referees Course. The exam shall be both in written and oral as prescribed by the EPBF.

Candidates who do not reach the standard required by the EPBF, based on Basic Referee exam, may not be presented for further examination until a period of 3 months has elapsed.

Lists of referees shall be determined each season at the Referee Course and only referees included in such lists may officiate in matches during the season.

§ 3 Classification
On behalf of the EPBF each National Federation should classify referees administered by their Federation. The classification period lasts for one Referee Season. Each Referee Season, referees are to be classified as follows; International Referees who are members of the EPBF Referee Squad:

  • Head Referee – appointed by the EPBF Board from level 1
  • Level 1 – Senior Referee – Intercontinental Referees selected by the EPBF to serve at the EPBF/WPA events
  • Level 2 – Referee – International Referees selected by the EPBF to serve at the EPBF events
  • Level 3 – Junior Referee – International Referees, other than those on the Level 2 list, selected to officiate only with at least 1/3rd ‘Level 2’ referees at the EPBF events.
  • Level of recognition – Referees who have passed the referee exam but do not have the right to participate at international events.
  • Guest Level –  See §7

If a referee classified to a level of recognition wants to be promoted to a higher level he/she has to apply for promotion to the Referee director. The decision of the promotion to a level 3 (junior referee) rests with Referee Commission.

When a referee changes residence from one National Federation to another, the classification level will be accepted by the National Federation in to whose area the referee has moved.

§ 4 Application for Head Referee Position
Senior referees who are at level 1 for at least one Referee season can apply for Head referee level every year before 15th February. The application should be written and sent to the Referee director.

The Referee Committee will check if the applicant is suitable for the job of the Head referee by observing his work in the tournament where he/she would be appointed as one.

After the tournament the Referee Committee will make a decision and inform the applicant. If the applicant is suitable the committee will also make a proposal for promotion to the EPBF Board. The decision of the promotion rests with the EPBF Board.

§ 5 Points System
Referees will be required to collect certain amount of points, as determined by the EPBF, prior to having their license re-validated or promotion to a higher level. Referees must submit annual report to the Referee Director with all attended events. The report has to be sent before 15th February for the past year.

The referees of all levels have to collect 10 points every Referee Season in order to re-validate their license.

Referees who have collected required points and have been at the same level for at least one (1) Referee Season can be suggested for a promotion to a higher level.

At the end of each Referee Season, the Referee Committee (consisting of Referee Director, EPBF Referee Instructor and Sports Director) can promote referees who are suitable, to a higher level. The decision of the promotion to a higher (except to the HR level) rests with Referee Commission.

Points system:



EPBF European Championships


EPBF Eurotour


EPBF Sanctioned Events


EPBF Referee Course


WPA World Championships


WPA Open


§ 6 Appointments
Licensed EPBF Referees are not allowed to officiate in any tournaments, which are not sanctioned by the national federations, EPBF or WPA.

§ 7 Referee Dress code
Licensed EPBF Referees will wear a referee shirt (EPBF or WPA) and smart black trousers while officiating in tournaments. Shoes must be dark, elegant dress shoes that fit in the outfit.

§ 8 Referee Discipline
Referees should be aware of the process by which any acts of misconduct, or indiscipline in relation to their license, will be dealt with by the EPBF and/or National Federation. For further information please check The Sports Regulations Penalty Code 2.7

§ 9 Guest Referee Status
At the EPBF events non EPBF referees are allowed to officiate under the status EPBF Guest referees. These referees must be verified by the NF or Continental Federation and can operate with EPBF Board request. Guest Referees are entitled to proceed to the Basic Referee Exam in order to receive the EPBF Referee status.