Rasson prolongs contract with EPBF

One of the EPBF long-time sponsors, the company Rasson, has decided to also support the EPBF in 2018. Rasson is one of the major companies in the billiards industry and a reliable partner for the EPBF over many years now. “We’re thrilled to continue the cooperation with EPBF. We’ve been working with EPBF since 2009 and so far it’s near 10 years. EPBF makes a great contribution to promoting billiards sport in the world. They hold not only a lot of pool events for professionals, but also provide good opportunity and a great platform for players and fans of younger generation. We look forward to a longer and closer cooperation with EPBF on more products and events in the future!“, the Rasson office stated. „Rasson is one of our cornerstones“, stated IBP President David Morris, „they are on our side for a long time now and we always found our relationship has a benefit for both parties“.