EPBF extend their partnership with Saluc.

The EPBF announced today that their commercial arm, The IBPF, have extended their contract with Saluc, the makers of the Aramith Billiard ball range. The extension will run into 2022 giving the athletes the quality they have become used to. Saluc, known more by the brand name Aramith, will supply the Duramith range of pool balls to all the events during this five-year period.

The EPBF president Mr Gre Leenders was extremely happy with the outcome of recent meetings and he looks forward to the continued cooperation. “Saluc have been a long-time supporter of the EPBF and our endeavours to promote the sport, it feels right that they should be with us on the next part of our journey” Mr Leenders commented.

The Aramith brand have been with the EPBF since the eighties, spanning four decades already, this new extension takes them into an unprecedented 5th decade supplying quality billiard balls for the EPBF events.

Iwan Simonis, the leading manufacturer of premium worsted cloth is also the home of Saluc, a manufacturer of many kinds of balls, but is widely known as the leader in the production of billiard balls with the Aramith range.

These two Belgium billiard giants have been long supporters of the EPBF and Commercial Director of Saluc, Mr Bollette said “We at Saluc are delighted to renew our close ties with our highly respected partner, the EPBF. With the EPBF striving to take the pool sport to the next and best level, we will be supplying our Duramith Tournament pool balls, giving the players the conditions that they deserve”.

Aramith make several different ranges of billiard balls and the Duramith technology will be in use again. Introduced to the EPBF tournaments in 2016, the Aramith Tournament set has proved to be the players choice. Bringing quality to a precision game is an important factor and is much appreciated by the players who have become accustomed to the very best.

IBPF president David Morris was very happy to be tying Saluc to another five-year contract stating “There are exciting times coming this year with some great events on the Eurotour and the 40th anniversary of the EPBF in July. We must remember, it is the support of companies like Saluc and the Aramith brand that make these events possible. We have had a long partnership together, through the good and the bad, so we are immensely proud to extend our partnership further”

The 2018 events can be found on the sports calendar at www.epbf.com for further information contact the EPBF office, the address is available on the website.

The EPBF is the governing body for pool sports in Europe and with its commercial arm, the IBPF, organise over 15 major tournaments throughout the calendar year.