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  1. Kamui signed up for all events in 2018 — February 22, 2018
  2. Biljardexperten supports EPBF in 2018 again — February 20, 2018
  3. Predator and EPBF team up again in 2018 — February 19, 2018
  4. Billard Beckmann signed up for 2018 — February 15, 2018
  5. EPBF extend their partnership with Saluc. — February 14, 2018

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Kamui signed up for all events in 2018

The Kamui group has signed up as sponsors with the EPBF for all events in 2018. European distributor for Kamui is Jimmy Worung from The Netherlands. The Kamui group is based in Japan and supplies the billiard athletes with tips, chalk, gloves, mechanical bridges, etc. However, the main product of the brand are probably the …

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Biljardexperten supports EPBF in 2018 again

The Sweden-based company Biljardexperten is the biggest supplier for pool equipment in Scandinavia. With shops in Sweden, Finland and Norway, Biljardexperten supplies all products around the billiard table in Northern Europe. After the success in 2017, Biljardexperten CEO Kurt Roos decided to once again support EPBF and its activities in 2018. „Biljardexperten is very important …

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Predator and EPBF team up again in 2018

In 2018 again, the Predator brand has chosen to become a partner of the EPBF in sponsoring all major events. It is the second consecutive year that Predator is in the EPBF sponsor pool and fans will definitely remember the colourful advertising videos that were shown in the videos last year during the events. This …

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Billard Beckmann signed up for 2018

Billard Beckmann is one of the major billiard equipment distributors in Europe. They have been a partner of the EPBF since the early 90’s when the Euro-Tour was launched. Jurgen Beckmann, the owner of Billard Beckmann, is known for his tireless support at billiard events and he often turns up there to greet players and …

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EPBF extend their partnership with Saluc.

The EPBF announced today that their commercial arm, The IBPF, have extended their contract with Saluc, the makers of the Aramith Billiard ball range. The extension will run into 2022 giving the athletes the quality they have become used to. Saluc, known more by the brand name Aramith, will supply the Duramith range of pool …

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Rasson prolongs contract with EPBF

One of the EPBF long-time sponsors, the company Rasson, has decided to also support the EPBF in 2018. Rasson is one of the major companies in the billiards industry and a reliable partner for the EPBF over many years now. “We’re thrilled to continue the cooperation with EPBF. We’ve been working with EPBF since 2009 …

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Simonis and EPBF remain partners in 2018

One of the longest partners in the history of the EPBF is the cloth company Simonis from Belgium. Founded already in 1680, the Belgium-based company has a unique reputation in the world of billiards. Not only pool tables but also carom tables and snooker tables are significantly bettered when using Simonis cloth with them. „Simonis …

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Dynamic and EPBF continue their prosperous partnership in 2018

The long-time EPBF sponsor Dynamic Billard continues its long-time partnership with the EPBF also in 2018. The company which is located in Germany has been a partner of the EPBF for many years now. In 2018, Dynamic has agreed to supply 60 tables for the anniversary European Championships in summer alone. Additionally, Dynamic provides 24 …

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Fefilava wins Women’s Euro-Tour in Portugal

Marharyta Fefilava (BLR) just won the Women Portugal Open in Braga, Portugal, with a 7:4 victory in the final match over Katarzyna Wesolowska (POL). The young lady from Belarus had one of the best tournaments in her career so far. After a fierce struggle, she managed to take down Oliwia Czuprynska (POL) 7:6 in a …

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16-year-old Zielinski snatches the title in Treviso

The winner of the Dynamic Billard Treviso Open 2017 is 16-year-old Wiktor Zielinski (POL). In the final match, he outclassed his opponent Mario He (AUT) 9:1. The final event of the 2017 Euro-Tour series has a sensational winner. He is probably the youngest and also fastest player to ever win a Euro-Tour event. So far, …

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